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My interview experience as a Frontend Engineer Intern at an early-stage startup 🔥‼

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·Jul 4, 2021·

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My interview experience as a Frontend Engineer Intern at an early-stage startup 🔥‼

Hi there Ankit here. So I am a final year Computer Engineering undergraduate at Government Engineering College, Dahod, Gujarat. A month ago I'd interviewed at early stage startup iSimplexity for Frontend Engineer Intern.

How did I found this opportunity?

I was actively applying on AngleList and Linkedin for internships as Frontend Engineer. I found this opportunity on AngleList.

Interview Process

So there were two technical round and take home assignment was also there.

Round 1:

  • This round was 20 min long. The interviewer started the interview by asking about my introduction. Then he asked me two Javascript output questions. The questions were quite easy if you have understood fundamental Javascript concepts well.
  • Basically, the interviewer was trying to test my communication and logical skills.
  • After the round he sent me take home assignment which was supposed to be done in ReactJS.

About the assignment: I have to show data of networks in all regions on the map. When the user clicks on some region then it should show all the information of the network of a particular country. Also, They said that I can use any open source library for this task. So I completed my assignment in 2 days and send them.

I used react-google-chart for geo map and used fake JSON data from the internet as I couldn't found original data.

Round 2:

  • This round was 1 hour long and It was the technical round.
  • Interviewer started this round by asking about my self and after that, he was looking at my projects.
  • Interviewer asked about my projects, how a particular feature is implemented and a lot of discussion was going on around about my projects.
  • Then after he started asking me about javascript concepts like,
         - async / await
         - callbacks
  • Then he started asking me about concepts of react like,
         - Class components vs Functional components
         - hooks : useState, useEffect
         - about dependency array of useEffect
         - axios library
  • Then interviewer gave me JSON data to fetch using axios. And then gave lot of tasks on that like show whole JSON object, show data in list etc.

After some days I got a call that you are selected for the internship. 🎉🥳

tenor (1).gif

This was all about my internship experience. Reach out to me if you want to know more.

Resources I followed:

1) Namaste Javascript

2) Javascript by Hitesh Choudhary

3) Delightful React


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